Grant Research & Writing 

Crafting a powerful grant proposal requires both proficiency and passion.  Identifying solid funding prospects requires an understanding of the philanthropic field, as well as suitable research tools.  Linda has written thousands of successful grant proposals, securing millions in grant awards.  She’s taught grant research and writing to hundreds of nonprofit professionals - and most importantly, she loves writing grants!  Whether your organization needs a boilerplate proposal that you can adapt across funders, or a specialized proposal for a unique opportunity – Impact Minnesota can help you craft a proposal that captures the attention of those with the resources you need. 


Meyers Briggs Team Building & Leadership Development 

Strategic Planning 

The programs, services and products your organization offers should be designed to make real and measurable change in the lives of others. Evaluating that change should not be frightening or overwhelming. It should be an exciting process that brings awareness to the impact your organization makes in your community.  With support from Impact Minnesota, organizations can fully realize the outcomes they intend to achieve, have the tools in place to measure those outcomes, and be able articulate their purpose to funders and other key stakeholders.

Social Impact & Social Enterprise Planning  

Making a profit while making a difference is one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty, attract skilled and talented workers, and have a lasting impact in your community. Unfortunately too many small business owners get barraged with donation requests, and their limited charitable resources simply don’t make the impact they should. Whether you want to streamline modest charitable gifts, create an employee giving program or establish your own corporate foundation, Impact Minnesota can help business leaders build a community impact plan that can boost profits and make a meaningful difference.

The Meyers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) is the most widely used and respected personality and work-style assessment in the world, and should only be administered by a Certified MBTI Practitioner.  Whether you want to do individual career exploration, leadership development, conflict resolution or team building, Impact Minnesota can tailor the Meyers Briggs experience to meet your needs. Used by Fortune 500 and nationally known nonprofit organizations for decades, MBTI is a powerful and important tool to increase your impact.

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Program Development & Evaluation 

A quality strategic plan is the foundation of an effective, resilient organization. It is an essential roadmap for setting and maintaining mission; creating purposeful programs and services; and building the right staffing, financial and operational structures to advance measurable impact. Creating a strategic plan that works is a process - not an event. Impact Minnesota works alongside nonprofit leaders to guide them through a comprehensive, yet efficient and rewarding strategic planning process. We tailor planning activities to meet your organization’s size, scope and budget - and are committed to creating a superior plan for your organization.